Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Quest For Jasmine

Jasmine is the forgotten Disney princess.   In the Disney store she is left out of bath sets, figurines, and stuffed plush replicas of the classic princesses.  Of course, she is Norah's favorite.  Norah discovered her as an exotic rarity who occasionally graced her pull-up packs. 

In an effort to motivate Norah to end her attachment to pull-ups at naps and bedtime, I promised the only thing I knew would work: Jasmine undies.  

I knew it would be a challenge to find the forgotten princess.  But, we made the trek to Target and I hoped against all odds, that Jasmine would be among the princesses gracing little girls' panties.  We searched high and low, through every princess panty set - and Jasmine was nowhere to be found.

 I was determined.   After searching the underwear section with no luck, I went to the the toddler section.  There,  in the toddler potty aisle, in all their glory, were the princess packets.  And, lo and behold, Jasmine's face was plastered unapologetically across the front of one panty per package.  

I'm not proud, but with elated greed and haste I pulled out the devilish grinning Cinderella faced panties and shoved Jasmine underwear into the open panty slots.   Overjoyed, I rushed to the counter to collect our prize:  A set of 4 purple Jasmine underwear.

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