Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Fun

A full day yesterday: the pumpkin patch with the girls' preschool, Ellie's house, and the carnival.

First, we rode in a big tractor all around the pumpkin patch. Norah and her friend Kate held hands and sat together giggling with giddy excitement as we passed each new patch of vegetables and flowers. Bouncy house fun, a train ride, a giant haystack climb, and pony rides.

Then, on to Ellie's house. Norah, Avery, and Ellie dived in to her sea of toys and ran up and down the hall of her house together riding little car contraptions and screaming with glee.

Next we headed for the street carnival. We walked up and down the street in our jammies, mesmerized by bright lights and loud music. We stopped at a big, bouncy maze with multiple slides. We all climbed inside: Norah, Avery, Lucas and I. As we stumbled, crawled, stooped, and ducked in the dark of the maze, Norah and Avery squealed, exhilarated.

All day, no one had to sit out. No one was too little to ride the rides. I am officially the mom of 2 little big girls.

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