Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Norah proudly presented two pieces of artwork to me, one in each hand, when I picked her up from preschool today. She insisted that I carry them underneath my coat to shield them from the rain on our way out the door of her school.

I lugged all of the girls' school things in from the rain to our apartment and plopped everything onto the chair by our door. The girls tagged behind, skipping and singing.

Tonight, we danced to silly music in the living room, ate dinner, played with toys in the bath, read books in Norah's bed together. I sang songs to them, turned out their light, and began to pick up around the apartment. I was putting leftovers away in the refrigerator when I noticed Norah's art pieces hung by alphabet magnets side by side on the refrigerator door.

Proudly, quietly, she'd hung them there.

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