Friday, August 27, 2010

Breaking the News

We finally told the girls I am pregnant. From the outside looking in, we told them very, very early, but we had to. They were both starting to worry about my lack of energy, constant puking, and inability to stay awake during their nighttime cuddles.

Lucas said, "Girls, I'm going to tell you why Mama has been so sick...she has something growing in her belly. Do you know what it could be?"

Avery said, "I think it's a flower...or maybe a baby." Norah immediately nuzzled close and giggled knowingly. "I hope it's a brother!" she exclaimed. Avery said, " I hope it's a Dora (the Explorer)."

A few days later, Avery plopped onto the bed, narrowly missing my belly. "Avery," I said, "be careful not to hit my belly. The baby will cry." Avery replied, "When the baby is born. I'll tell her I'm sorry."

Now, each morning they both come in and talk to my belly. "I love you baby. Can you hear me?" they shout at it - smooshing my flesh and kissing it.

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