Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preschool Parade

Norah was so excited to dress up as a green witch today for the Halloween Parade at her Preschool. She strutted her stuff down the walkway of the parking lot path, sang at the top of her lungs during the musical performance, and then cheerfully waved me off as she went inside for a special school version of Trick or Treating.

The 2's don't participate in the parade (some of the kids are too frightened by each others' costumes.) Instead, we got Avery some festive Halloween T-shirts. She wore a shirt with a brightly painted green witch today and I snuck one of the mini pumpkin cupcakes I made for Norah's class into her lunch.

But, Avery did participate in the Halloween carnival at the school where my mom is principal: Wolf Canyon Elementary. Avery loved dancing with all the elementary school kids and she was even brave enough do go in the haunted house ;)

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