Thursday, November 4, 2010

House, Mouse, Mouse in House

A few days ago, I saw something small and gray dart across the living room floor as I was picking up the girls' toys.

It was underneath our swiveling rocker, and a darkish looking toy popped out at the same time. My eyes are playing tricks on me, I thought.

Then, last night as I was making sandwiches for the girls' lunches in the kitchen, it was unmistakable. A small, gray, hairy, long tailed object darted across the kitchen floor.

I screamed and insisted Lucas finish the girls' lunches. Then, I climbed into our bed - eyes shifting back and forth in fear of a tiny, little house mouse.

Lucas set up a trap in the kitchen. The old fashioned kind with bait and a snapping jaw that clenches down on the mouse. We've seen these traps in action before. We know they work.

After setting up the trap, Lucas came into our room. "Did you set up the trap?" I asked, and added, "last time we put the peanut butter on the trap and the mouse went for it the very next day."

"Oooh. Peanut butter. That makes sense," Lucas said.

He stepped back into the kitchen for a moment and came back in saying, "yeah - I put peanut butter on the trap this time."

"What did you have on it before?" I asked.

"Cheese," he replied. "Is that a mouse stereotype?"

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