Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Media Monday

If you haven't noticed, our family likes assigning days themes and meanings. It all started with Fondue Friday. Sometimes just Lucas and I - cooking steaming pots of veggies and shrimp dipped in delicious sauces. Other times, with friends and family around a table, too. Recently we added, "Make Your Own Pizza Saturday." Lucas and I prepare bowls full of veggies, colorful cheeses and meats, and let the girls load their own little dough creations to bake up into pizzas in the oven.

Well, last night we added a third night to the mix, "No Media Monday." No TV for the night - just time together chatting over wine and hot cocoa (Lucas drank wine, I drank hot cocoa...for obvious reasons.) I baked cookies, we folded laundry, and we spent more than a few moments saying, "holy crap - another kid is on the way." We say that every day now at some point. We're not ready.

I feel a bit pathetic that we have to assign a day of the week to no TV. I think we're leaning into less TV every night of the week- or (gasp) no TV at all. And, who knows next week we might even add yoga to our evening to make it a night of true "om."


  1. That sounds amazing actually. I wonder if I could get James to go for it...

    Love you guys!! Super excited for the newest Cherry baby :) :)

  2. We're excited, too.

    You should get James to try it. It was really nice.