Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome, Harper

Dear Harper,

Before you were born, I couldn’t imagine another daughter as beautiful as your sisters. And now, here you are.

We wanted to see you to name you. Harper Lily. Now, forever, that's who you'll be.

I could swear you smile when I kiss you.

We went into the hospital just after midnight on a Tuesday morning. I thought you would come quickly, like your sisters. A couple quick pushes late into the night.
But you were different. We spent 4 days waiting for you. They broke my water. My pain medications didn’t work - and I felt you pushing your way out of me. It seemed like it would never end.

But now, already, all my wounds are starting to heal. And, you, Harper, are so worth every stitch, every scar.

At night, you wake up, when all else is quiet at our house. It’s just you and me. You don’t cry, you cock your head and look all around the dark room. Sometimes, it even looks like you’re looking right back at me. You won’t remember this, Harper, but I always will.

Welcome home my sweet, sweet girl.


  1. Just beautiful! I meant what I said when I sent you a text earlier...This picture literally took my breath away. It will be so great to look back on this moment in 5-10 years when this will be just one of thousands of amazing photos.

  2. That picture is adorable!!