Sunday, May 22, 2011

Backyard Miracle

The other day, Norah found a caterpillar on our front porch as we were walking in the door. It was black, plump, and fuzzy all over. The girls were drunk with glee. They named her "Catty."

The girls took it into the backyard where they tortured (ahem, I mean, played) with the little caterpillar until about 15 minutes later when Norah ran inside the house clearly distraught. I looked at her face and thought something must be terribly wrong."What's the matter?" I asked, getting more and more concerned by her furrowed little brow.

"I lost Catty," she said. "I put her on a little bush and then she dropped off. I looked all around the ground where she dropped and I couldn't find her- which is strange, because caterpillars are usually slow. How could she have gotten away?" Yeah...she really said that. I tried not to laugh because she was still crying.

Just then Avery ran back in the house and said, "Norah, let's pray that we find another caterpillar." Norah looked up at me and said, "You pray, Mom."

So, I mustered up a little prayer, "Dear God, please help Norah and Avery find another caterpillar. Or, if they cannot find another caterpillar - then, please help them to be at peace knowing that you will turn Catty into a beautiful butterfly." I had no faith. I was quite pleased with my little prayer and I thought for sure it would suffice. But, Avery piped in, "No, you prayed wrong. I don't want you to say 'if they can't find the caterpillar.' I'll do it."

So, she prayed her own little prayer. She closed her little eyes, put her chubby little arm around Norah, and they both bowed their little sweaty heads and she said, "Dear God and Jesus, please help us find another caterpillar to play with. Norah is sad. Amen."

They ran outside fully expecting to find another caterpillar. And, I admit, I was worried I'd have some explaining to do when they came back in the house empty-handed. But not more than 30 seconds later they rushed inside and said, "Look! Look! We found another caterpillar." It was a tiny, long, thin, green, hairless, caterpillar. "God heard us!" they exclaimed jumping up and down and passing the poor thing back and forth in their grubby little palms.

Now, you may be thinking that it's spring, and it's caterpillar season, and that this was just a coincidence. And that God has bigger fish to fry (or caterpillars to torture). And that two little girls just happened to find another caterpillar to play with. I am usually of the same mindset.

But, if you had been there, you'd be as certain as we are. It was our very own little backyard miracle. And we felt joy.


  1. God is so faithful to hear and answer. He is just as concerned with the tiny details of our life as he is with the grand problems! I LOVE God and the faith of children. Totally convicting. Are we praying about every tiny detail and taking it to the Creator of the Universe?

  2. I have been reading your blog to buster. He said "I am so impressed with these genius kids. Norah is going to solve the world's problems". You are a wonderful mom and you are very blessed (even more blessed because you know you are blessed). I have felt all these things and shared your thoughts but cannot make others feel them with my words. I love reading your blog. I watched Pearson graduate saturday. My heart was broken and full of joy all at the same time. He will join buster on the other side of the country. I will miss them every day but would not deny them one second of chasing their dreams. Your words will be a treasure to your children as they celebrate their story and a treasure to you as you hang on in your heart to those sweet little faces and memories. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, Diana, That is the cutest thing ever. I can just see their sweaty faces and grubby hands as they pass the caterpillar back and forth. Makes me miss them. And Avery saying "no don't pray like that" and then doing it herself . . . she is a take charge kind of girl. . . and she was really praying for Norah because she was sad. Those are the things that warm a parent's heart.
    I came across this saying recently, maybe you've heard it before but it was new to me and I like it a lot. It fits here.
    ~Coincidence is when God chooses to
    remain anonymous~

  4. Hi Diana! I am so glad you posted this blog site on facebook. I always enjoy a mommy blog, and this one is amazing! Your family is so adorable, and little Harper..oh my! What a cutie! Feel free to stop by my blog (if you like to peruise other mommy blogs like I do). It's I'm not as dedicated to keeping it up to date as I could be, but it's there all the same. Your pictures are wonderful by the way. Thanks for sharing!
    -Kim Camp

  5. Hi Kim! I would definitely LOVE to check out your blog and get updates on your little guys and your family. XO, DC