Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Things have been a little busy around here- well, more than a little. They've been INSANE. It seems like we work all day and all night. Feeding, dressing, changing, wiping, washing, reading, unpacking, cleaning, and setting things up. Welcome to life with 2 preschoolers. And a newborn. And a big move. And a complete change in our day to day for oh-so-many-reasons.

Thank God for Tuesday, the day I am officially declaring lounge day.

Today I have given myself permission to let the girls run hog wild, and I think I'm going to make it a tradition. On a day like today, I keep the door to the back yard open, and they wander in and out all day. Chatting about their own secret world with characters made of dolls, stuffed animals, and a few outright imaginary friends. Today, they have built 2 secret forts upstairs, and a little room for a monster inside a cabinet I keep clear for them to play inside in the dining room.

Although for the most part the weather has taken a turn for the better, inevitably, it's always gloomy around here on Tuesday. So, from now on this summer on this day, we will stick around the house. Get dressed...or not. Make delicious, healthy snacks. Cuddle on my bed (which we've already done a couple times this morning), and take some time to recharge.

I've got laundry humming through the floorboards in the basement, tea piping in the kitchen (blueberry green to be exact), Harper taking her semi-regular morning nap, the girls laughing and giggling - and a much needed chance to breathe.

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