Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lucas' Birthday

Today is Lucas' birthday.

Lucas is a simple man. He can be content with very little. This is, after all, how he can be my husband. I try (for the love of God how I try) to be a great wife and mom - but most times I fall seriously short.

Take today, his birthday, for example.

I know there are 3 things that make Lucas feel extra special. One is not appropriate to mention in the blogosphere. Two is good ice cream. And, three is specialty beer (namely his favorite IPA, Pliney the Elder.)

None of these things is particularly difficult for me to give to Lucas on his special day. And, so, yesterday I set out to to make him an ice cream cake. A java chip, brownie, fudge ice cream cake with chocolate glaze and chocolate chip sprinkles. It was going to be unstoppably beautiful. Perfect, really. Only here's the thing when I actually set out to make the cake - things weren't going my way. Ice cream melts really, really fast especially when room temperature glaze is smeared all over it. I labored (with more attention to detail than I've given anything since the 5th grade) over this cake for him. And, still it dropped, and dripped, and slopped it's way onto the table. And we sang over him, and we slurped up the cake. And he acted impressed.

Then today I called around to the local specialty beer shops (and there are many...this is Seattle!) Turns out - NO ONE had Pliney the Elder in stock. An EPIC fail in the wifely duties department. Unfortunately, it's the ONLY thing he requested for his birthday. The ONLY thing. And, here I was: empty handed.

There have been many, many times through out the history of our relationship where I have felt that it was seriously impossible to ever express how truly special he is to me, how deeply grateful I am that I get to love and be loved by my man. Today is certainly one of those days.

But, let me just say, Lucas, if you are reading (which I know you are not- you are watching the Giants game after eating drippy cake on a sober, beerless midweek birthday) that I am so, so glad you were born. I love you. It never feels like enough for me to give you. And yet, somehow, it is enough for you.

Happy Birthday, Lucas. I pray everyday for many more to come together.

Lucas is not turning 11 years old, that's merely the number of candles I had on hand.

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