Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and dreamed bizarre dreams of what today would be like. I woke up this morning and made eggs and toast. I walked around in a daze, unsure how to feel.

Norah bopped out of bed and giggled all the way down the stairs, her brand new outfit already in hand.

Today is Norah's first day of Kindergarten.

For months now, I've been excited. Since moving here, we've made lots of new friends. But, few of those friends have been other five year old girls.

Norah has been ready to spread her wings.

I have a been ready for a bit a more peace.

We've both been a little antsy for this day to come.

Just this past week, she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels. She's beginning to read. She writes Mom, Dad, Norah, Avery, Harper, Grammy, Love, and You. She spends a few hours a day writing, drawing, looking at books, talking about imaginary friends and playing school.

It's time.

And yet, it isn't.

As we drove to school this morning for the first time, I saw a little girl get on the school bus. Her family (a mom, a dad, a little brother) all kissed her and took pictures as she boarded the bus. I started to cry.

We entered the wide center doors at the entrance to the school. Norah filed into line with her class and was led out of the room by her teacher. We all kissed her. Her dad, sisters, and I said goodbye, and waved goodbye with big, brimming smiles.

And just like that, in a matter of a half hour, she is a school girl. With a big girl backpack, and a big girl lunch box. With schoolyard friends and homework. It's all moving so fast; faster and faster as each year passes.

At the end of the day Avery, Harper, and I will arrive to pick her up. And when we get home-there will be warm cookies and milk to celebrate and to comfort her, me. All of us, really.

Today is Norah's first day of kindergarten. How did she grow up so fast?


  1. I cried all the way from the first line to the last! You're a wise mom, dear Diana.

  2. She looks so happy! We need to catch up after all these Cherry family firsts! Love you all...

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! Mine just started preschool and I had a lump in my throat almost the whole time they were gone. (A whole 3 1/2 hrs.)
    Great job momma!