Friday, March 9, 2012

Harper Turns 1

Once upon time, there were two newly weds who were surprised to learn after just a few months of marriage that they would be having a baby.  They were young, but that baby helped them to grow up.  It was not what they expected, but  it was so much more.

And in those days, time went slowly.  Days came and went with the sense that we could hold onto them, savor, and remember them.   But, those times, though seemingly long and leisurely have passed.  
That baby is a school aged child, with a little heart and mind of her old.

And, now our tiniest girl, our 3rd child,  is one.

I am a little shell shocked.

Her first year sped by at lightening speed.  

Month one: she slept all day; months 2 and 3: she gradually woke; months 3-6: she learned to play; months 6-9: to sit up, to scoot, to move; months 10-12: to crawl, to stand, to cruise.

She has four little teeth; that make her look mischievous when she laughs.  She has one little curl, right in the center of her forehead.  When she babbles, she holds one hand out and holds it open as if to prove her point.

Though the days move quickly now, and the time to stop and really cherish how special they are seem fewer and farther between; we are no less grateful.  Harper, our 3rd child, unlike her sisters before her was carefully planned and thoughtfully considered (by us, that is.)  This time we thought we knew what we were getting into, but she is so much more.

We're so glad you were born, Harper.  Happy 1st Birthday!

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