Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun!

I decided to surprise Lucas for Father's Day with a trip to Safeco Field for a Mariners/Giants game today. And, I was so thrilled to see he was actually surprised and excited when I told him we'd be going today.  I wanted to show him how much I appreciate him, because not only is he the most amazing husband- he's also the most amazing father.  I am so blessed!

So, our family of five headed to Safeco Field today for the game.  But, there was just one problem: there's a growing little rivalry within our own family!  Norah is decidedly set on being a Mariners' fan.  We've been to a few Mariners' games, her friends in school are Mariners fans, and she understands that the Mariners are our hometown team.  And, you know Norah, if there's one thing she gets from her dad it's her resolve.  She was VERY clear that she would NOT be rooting for the Giants.

Avery was mainly focused on the popcorn, so she could be persuaded at any given time to shout alongside whoever was cheering, whether that was Norah screaming "EE-CHEE-ROW" or Lucas chanting "Let's GO G-I-A-N-T-S!"  She wasn't particular, it was more about the chance to get up, stretch her legs, and let out a for-once-in-her-life  parent sanctioned scream.

I, for one, can relate to Avery.  Lucas jokes that if it's a tied game and it's the 9th inning, I'm rooting for whoever will end the game sooner.  And, that's pretty much the case.  (Sorry, true fans.  Sad, but true.) But, even so, it was fun to see my little girl and her daddy go head to head serving up a healthy dose of team spirit for opposing teams.  It showed me, yet again, how alike they are and just one of the reasons that I love them both so much.

We as a family enjoyed a day that revolved around what Father knows best: baseball.  And, along the way, we had a pretty fun time.
Norah was very excited for the game to start and almost as annoyed as Lucas that I wanted to take a picture right before start time : )

Sweet Avery requesting popcorn for the umpteenth time.

Harper's impression of the game.  She looks very similar to me on our ride home.

Dad and his girls.

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