Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wanna Getaway?

As you can imagine, Lucas and I get very few moments alone together with our 3 small children in the house.

We are blessed, however, that our families on both sides are always willing to take very good care of our girls for a long weekend here and there. And so, it has turned out that about once a year we've been able to get away. This year, we were very happily surprised by Lucas' parents birthday gift to us: a 2 night stay in the hotel of our choice in San Francisco while they looked after our girls for the weekend.

We had a blast walking around the city, indulging in good eats, and enjoying a few choice events along the way. On Friday night our first stop was Berkeley, where we had tickets to see Foster the People in concert at the campus outdoor theatre. It was lovely in every way. And my favorite part: the Berkeley marching band joined the rock band at the end of their set for a wild rompus of a finale. On Saturday morning we had a lovely brunch and then headed for a Giants game in the rare San Francisco sun. After the game, we took the Muni down to Haight street where we munched on skewers and perused second hand shops. We finished the day with a movie in the city and a late night dinner under twinkly lights in a tiny back all street cramped with rows of restaurant tables and the bustle of other late night diners.

The next morning we had the rare opportunity to sleep in, and afterward we walked to a little bakery for french pastries and coffee before hitting the road back to our family.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" is the only way to describe it. We were so grateful for the gift.

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