Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Harper grabbed a picture of Norah and Avery off of their nightstand and pointed to Avery.

"Yaya," she said. Traslation: Avery.*

Next, she pointed to Norah.

"Nowa," she said. Translation: Norah.

Then, excitedly, she bounced up and down, and shouted, 'Sissy!  Sissy! Sissy!"
Got this quick and dirty snapshot today.  I love how Harper has her hand on each of her sisters.  She loves her "sissies."
*Note: I LOVE that she calls Avery "Yaya."  It totally fits.   Is it because Avery says yes to everything Harper asks of her?  Is it because Avery is adventurous and just has that open, "yeah" to life personality?  Is it because of the way Avery herself says, "yeah, yeah, yeah!" when something excites her?....Probably not.  Still, I might have considered naming Avery "Yaya" if the option had occurred to us at birth.  I love it so very much.

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