Monday, May 27, 2013

Growing Cherry Family

Sweet, sweet, beautiful, beautiful family. Grant growing into his own.  Playing, cooing, grabbing, rolling and pushing up on all 4's.  Harper talking up a little storm.  I love when she calls out, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!  Look! Look! Look!" Before hamming it up in some way or another for him.  Norah has been wanting to be a mature, grown, big girl these days.  She picked out the dress in the picture above when shopping with her grammy (my mom) and called it her "mom" dress. "Look," she said,  "I look like Mom."  Stripes and maxi dresses are both favs of mine, so we all had a good laugh at that one.  And last, our sweet girls are wrapped up in their fuzzy robes after a nice, hot bath in the evening. Pure love. It might appear that Avery does not have as many photo ops, but she does.  She just seems to instinctively run when my big, clunky, huge lensed camera is out.  I take more phone snapshots of her for that reason, I have to sneak up on her ever so subtly to capture images of her sweet face.

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