Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pajama Day

Today was a rainy day.  So, I thought it was a freebie day.  A you-don't-have-to-get-dressed-because-it's-raining-and-there's-no-where-to-go-today day. 

I am in my pajamas.

And now, with no time left for a shower before heading out to get Norah, it's sunny.

And I'm going to have to get out of the car now to pick up Norah from school. And my children are going to want to play at the park.

And I want to say to everyone I pass,  "Hey!  I did things today."  Of the make-a-roast, and make- some-cookies, and do-a little-cleaning variety.  But still.  Good things for a rainy day.

 I was not expecting the sun to make an appearance at 2:45pm.  Even as a June gloom veteran, I was not.  And now, will they (my hooligans) even want roast for dinner?  Will the cookies even feel as good, warm in their bellies on a warm summery end to the day?

I don't know.  But I still feel like it was a day well spent.  Kids napping in the cool of the rain.  Baked goods in the oven.  Pajamas all glorious day.

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