Monday, July 29, 2013

This is What Life as a Cherry Looks Like

This is what trying to get 4 kids under 7 to pose looks like.

This is what take-a-lesson-from-your-little-brother-on-how-to-pose looks like.  Okay, girls?   Next time.

This is what step-up-your-game-on-keeping-the-house-clean-mom-because-I'm-on-the-move looks like.

 This is what being related looks like.  Is that baby on the left Norah or Grant?  Oh wait, there's Norah holding Grant.  Insert double take here.

 This is what a jungle gym looks least in Grant's world view.

Yes, this is what life as a Cherry looks like these days.


  1. Love it. Such a beautiful family! I was wondering if Grant had started crawling yet!!

  2. Love the photo on the pier of all four. Grant looks like such a big boy in his jeans and polo shirt. And the girls, well they're all just as cute as ever. Although, Avery kinda looks like she's in pain. Maybe Grant is squeezing her hand too hard.