Sunday, June 21, 2009


Avery says "quack, quack, quack" when we go to watch the ducks. She likes to follow dogs on walks. She says "nuh-uh" instead of no. She likes to climb onto stools, chairs, and tables and jump off. She can already give the evil eye. She has a fashionista hair cut. She knows how to push her sister's buttons and frequently does. When she is angry she slams her chubby little baby hands against hard surfaces and yells, "arghh" with convincing frustration. When cars drive by with blasting bass she stops everything to dance to the beat. She pulls her pacifier from her mouth if you ask her for a kiss, and presses her sweet, slobbery lips onto yours. She follows her sister everywhere. She shares her toys with other babies at the park. She's growing up way too fast.

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