Monday, June 29, 2009


I turned 27 last week.   There is so much to be grateful for.   Two beautiful, healthy, little girls.  A wonderful and supportive husband who I am deeply in love with.   Friends, family, a place to live.

I'm taking 2 classes right now: Career Development and Group Therapy.  Both are timely, because I am in the midst of a quarter life crisis.  In Career Development we are watching a video called 49 Up.  I highly recommend it.   It chronicles the lives of several people from childhood through adulthood, from ages 7 to 49, respectively.   What I am learning from the series is that we are all who are from day one.  God has created us each uniquely.   My unique fingerprint is evident from birth to death.

In group therapy, I was of course, the first person to break down.   Struggling with the stress, pain, and judgment I feel for juggling work, school and family - I shared with my class the mounding anxiety that comes with it all.   I let my guard down.   

And then there was "Up!"  The most recent Pixar film that captures the exhilarating adventure of a man seeking freedom and peace after the death of his wife.   It was, to say the least, uplifting.   Lucas and I went to see it for my birthday, and I walked away realizing that every aspect of my broken life is an adventure.    God has a plan for me and I can look forward to what he has in store.'s to 27 years of life, 9 years of love (we met on my birthday), and so much more to look forward to.

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