Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Routine: A Morning in the Life of Norah and Avery

Norah's morning routine:

Wake up at around 6:45am.   Crawl into bed with Mom and Dad.  Roll around restlessly and relentlessly in bed until Mom and Dad get up.    Pull all the books out of Mom's night stand.   Get a drink of water from the bathroom sink.  Attempt to open Mom and Dad's tub of toothpaste.  Knock on the bathroom door screaming "mom, I want to come with you," the whole time Mom takes a shower.  Have breakfast with Dad.  Request a bowl that is a different color than whatever color bowl Dad picked out for cereal.   

Kiss Dad goodbye for work.   Wait until Dad leaves the apartment and then run out of the apartment to tell Dad he forgot to give hugs and kisses.   Cry for a while until Dad drives away.   Act afraid of the blender when Mom makes her morning smoothie.  Act afraid of the dryer when Mom dries her hair.   Follow Mom around as she gets dressed for work.   Get dressed.  Struggle to get hair brushed.  Request whatever hairstyle Mom did not offer.   

Request Sesame Street.  Request Blue Blankie.  Sit mesmerized by Sesame Street.  Wait for Jenna to arrive.  Begin the day.

Avery's morning routine:

Wake up around 6:45am.   Coo in the crib.  Poop in the crib.  Cry until Mom or Dad comes.   Refuse to leave the crib until yellow and green blanket have been carefully picked up, one in each hand to be rescued out of the crib.   Struggle to hold onto yellow and green blanket during diaper change.  Reach down in diaper during diaper change.  Get hands washed after diaper change.  Ahhhh...cold water.

Cry when mom closes the door to take her morning shower.  Scream, "Mama."  Have breakfast with Dad.  Struggle to maneuver spoon.   Get frustrated. Throw contents of breakfast bowl on the floor.  Throw sippy cup full of milk on the floor.   Cry because Norah is crying when Dad leaves for work.  Laugh at Norah when she cries about the blender.  Laugh at Norah when she cries about the dryer.   Cuddle with Mom and Norah during Sesame Street.  Open and close kitchen cabinet doors while Norah watches Sesame Street.  Look out the window at people passing by while Norah watches Sesame Street.  Stop and dance whenever there is music playing in the background of Sesame Street.  Wait for Jenna to come.  Begin the day.

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