Sunday, August 30, 2009


We just moved to a new place. We've spent weeks buried in unusual amounts of clutter and chaos (even for us.)

A few nights ago, Lucas and I packed up the last of our things. We scrubbed, vacuumed, and dusted until there was nothing left. Emptiness. We stood there awkwardly, hunched in hallowed quiet.

We closed all the windows, turned out the lights, and locked all the doors. We took one final look around - opened hollow cabinets and closets. Lingered.

Goodbye: stacked up washer/dryer, piled up hallway laundry, sidewalk chalk drawings, crayon scribbles on the living room walls, and crowded kitchen cooking together. Goodbye, our first real home as a family. On to a new home, with new nooks and quirks. On to more birthdays and barbecues, laughter and arguments, and love, love, love.

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