Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tonight we attended a welcome picnic with the other families at the preschool Norah and Avery will enter next week. I had work and class beforehand, so it was a rush to get to the picnic on time. In the chaos of it all, it completely slipped my mind to grab their diaper bag on my way out the door. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, Avery poops two times a day and dinnertime is not one of those times. However, on this particular day, Avery, (though usually quite routine in her pooping hour) decided today was her day to expose me as the least prepared mother of the stinkiest child by pooping mid picnic. Norah (not to be left out) decided, she too, wanted to poop while at preschool. everyone packed their things to leave, we sat in the restroom while she nonchalantly grunted and squeezed and well...pooped.

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