Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seattle Soggy

We just got back from our fall vacation in Seattle. It rained nearly everyday. We wore California canvas shoes and thought they were enough. We stomped hurriedly through thick beds of muddy fallen leaves, Seattle soggy.

Still, I love Seattle. Little sub-city centers with drab dives and swanky sushi along the same street. Community gardens. Loudly painted bungalows huddled on the hillside; the stacked up vintage warmth of worn-in neighborhoods. Fire smells puffing out of cottage chimneys. The rain, the leaves, the cool, and the constant lull of the city throbbing. Trees so big and bright Avery called them "rainbow tunnels."

After a night of travel, Norah woke up this morning surprised to be at home. With her eyes still closed she stumbled confused into our room and groaned, "I wanted it to still be Seattle." Lucas and I looked at each other, half awake, and smiled. We agree.

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