Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

"Bammy" and my brothers came up to visit this weekend for Halloween. We spent the early afternoon at the pumpkin patch, then spent the early evening carving and decorating the pumpkins we picked. The girls helped scoop the pulpy flesh from the pumpkins, drew on them, and gave them yarn hair. Lucas and I became mesmerized by the largest of the pumpkins, and grew so attached to our masterpiece, we named him "Franklin."

Later that night, all the kids slipped into their costumes. Norah: a princess. Avery: a fairy. Tyson: the grim reaper. And Taylor, Blade. Norah yelled excitedly, "Trick or Treat" once each door was opened, politely said "thank you" as candies were offered, and ran happily away shouting, "Happy Halloween!" at each house. Avery swaggered clumsily from house to house, holding Bammy's hand and captivated by each new crumply, brightly wrapped package plopped into her pumpkin bucket. We weaved in and out of neighborhoods, dogs howling and children laughing.

When we returned home we lit Franklin the jack-o-lantern and Bammy read scary stories. Tyson stuffed his candies away with the rest of his belongings. Taylor methodically sorted his until there were dozens of categories laid out before him on the table. Norah picked an M & M package as her treat before bed and sat down to enjoy it. Avery simply said, "peeeees....wolly pop." It was, by far, the most fun halloween I've ever had.

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