Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Heaven conversation #1:

Norah: Mom, why are you making that sad face?

Me: Because I just found out about a little girl who is very sick and she probably will be in heaven with God at Christmas. That means her family will miss her and not get to be with her on Christmas this year.

Norah: She probably ate too much candy. We should buy her medicine for Christmas so she can get better.

Me: Well, I don't think candy made her sick. And she's already at the doctor's but medicine isn't making her better.

Norah: God will take care of her in heaven.

A few days later, heaven conversation #2:

Norah: Is God in heaven or in our hearts? Because before you said God was in our hearts. But, then you said that God is in heaven with the little girl.

Me: Well, it's both.

Norah: Yeah. We get to have heaven in our hearts because God is in our hearts. And God is in heaven. So, heaven must be in our hearts.

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