Sunday, January 3, 2010

'Tis the Season to Bake Cookies

In keeping with tradition, we bought our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. It seems every year we get a bigger tree; and every year the amount of ornaments we have to outfit that tree seem in adequate in proportion. I look forward to the day when our tree is a-clutter with homemade popsicle stick creations...but until then.

A few days later, the girls and I baked cookies. Norah and I mixed, stirred, rolled and cut. I baked the cookies and let them cool. And, the next day Ellie came over to help us decorate!

We painted unnatural colors over golden brown angels, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and stars. We poured twinkly, sprinkly sugar all over our tasty treats.

Norah snuck frosting and cookies by the mouthfuls and Avery focused intently on her cookie designs. Ellie giggled and stuck to one color designs: red frosting, red sprinkles.

Each of the girls saved their finest cookie. Avery choose a blue/green star, Norah chose a yellow angel with white crystal sugar sprinkles.

Christmastime is here.

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