Sunday, January 3, 2010

Celebrating Christmas: Part I

We traveled to San Diego to have Christmas with my mom early, since we spent Christmas day in Modesto. My mom decided to have Santa come early. The girls ripped paper into shreds. It fell like confetti everywhere. The loot was unbelievable, but the best gift of all was by far mine. (And I'm not talking about the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from watching your kids open their Christmas presents.) My mom gave me a year membership to a spa!

About a week later, my mom traveled here to watch the girls once they were on Christmas break from school and I still had work. (Another amazing gift!)

While she and my brothers were here, we traveled to the closest thing to the North Pole here in our town: the Mall. We saw Santa. Avery was excited until she was actually face to face with the big guy. Then she cried. But, surprisingly, she soon accepted her fate and sat on his lap. As for me, I think it is a really odd tradition to have an old man (a stranger) dress up in red and cuddle with kiddos. But, hey, I don't make traditions - I just continue them by forcing my crying children to continue sitting on the laps of creepers.

My brothers were troopers. They don't believe in Santa anymore...but they pretended to for the girls. A sign that they, too, are growing older. It was barely noticeable when Tyson rolled his eyes as Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

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