Sunday, January 3, 2010

Celebrating Christmas: Part 2

We spent Christmas day with Lucas' family. Santa visited the girls' at Lucas' parents' house.

They were most thrilled by the little things: cheapie jewelry from the dollar store, stickers, Pez dispensers, and M&M plastic candy canes. Norah got a pink and purple scooter, and Avery got a new baby doll. Both were delighted.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the company of all of Lucas' extended family, eating together on several tables all lined out for us. Norah ran off to play all day with her cousin, Sammie, and Avery wandered around; content to play alone, singing and talking to herself.

The next day we headed off to a cabin in the woods together: Lucas' parents; his older sister, her husband, their two girls; and his younger sister and her beau. Except for the occasional cabin fever, we had fun playing games, baking and cooking, reading magazines, and chatting. Lucas' mom made cider and cookies to warm us. Lucas' dad did what he does best: sat on the couch and waited to be snuggled by one of the grandkids. We all got the much needed opportunity to refresh and recharge together.

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