Sunday, January 3, 2010

While in our cabin in the Sierras, Lucas thought it would be fun/funny to take me with him snow boarding. We invited his siblings to join us.

Erin, James, Lucas and I headed out for Bear Valley, a ski/snowboarding area just north of our cabin.

It's no secret that I am prone to anxiety, tend to live life on the cautious side, and don't exactly excel in athletics. But, I thought, "how bad could it really be?" Well, it turns out, bad.

The whole day I went up the mountain (the bunny slope, rather) a total of 2 times (with barely a break in between the two times). One of those times, I went with Lucas. While on the slope with him I almost cried a couple of times. Seriously. It was that hard. I vowed never to do it again.

But then once we were home, cider in hands, I read in a coffee table magazine that you can torch up to 500 calories an hour snowboarding. Well, maybe it wasn't that bad after all...

Ok, it still was.

On the bright side, Lucas rocked it on the mountain. Look at how irresistible he looks in his snow gear.

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