Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year = New Attitude

First step in the right direction: we cleaned and organized some of our junk.

I was starting to get ahead of myself and feel proud. But then today, a miscellaneous pile of junk from our spring cleaning efforts judged me for my lack of categorical competence. It sat in a heap, accusing me from the center of the living room floor.

So, I moved it: (hair ties, coins, too-small-baby-shoes, a self help CD, an undershirt, a big beluga whale replica toy, etc) into a big grocery bag and stuffed it into the laundry room. Other than the fact that I need to vacuum, and the table still has morning breakfast remnant smeared all over the girls' places at the table, our living room/dining room (it's one space) looks semi clean now.

How do people keep a whole house organized? I mean, does anyone really have every drawer in order? Doesn't everybody have a junk drawer? How can you really truly find a home for extra buttons, sample eye cream, 50 million mismatched magnets. No space, no corner seems right to me or makes sense to me. It's the same reason I can never finalize a mixed tape. There are too many choices, too many ways to group things. A world of possibilities all hidden away in overstuffed cabinets all through out our tiny, cramped apartment.

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