Saturday, June 5, 2010

California Dreamin'

We will leave Southern California. I can feel the urge for change stirring more deeply in me. Talk of a new start is more serious than ever.

But today we took Kanan from our apartment to the beach. Windy roads, bright yellow wild flowers, fresh fruit stands, and nick-knack altars flashed past us around every corner. And I thought: I will miss this.

We settled in at the beach, spent all day there. The girls caught sand crabs, filled buckets with water, danced along the edge of the water.

California. This is our home. This is how I have spent every summer ever since I can remember.


  1. Beautiful photos! If you're yearning for a change come to New Mexico! I'll show you around!

  2. I definitely want to take you up on that. Not sure when, as I've got six weeks of crazy, crazy, craziness while I finish classes for my degree in Counseling. But, when I'm done we WILL plan it!