Sunday, November 28, 2010


2 reasons to be grateful.

Avery: full of joy, light, and love. She makes everyone who knows her smile, she is kind to other children (even her sister), she loves to cuddle. She bounces, skips, hops, and dances everywhere she goes. She reminds me to be patient (not so much because she requires it, but because she is learning to live it herself and she inspires me to follow her lead).

Norah: thinks carefully about everything. She is always genuine and honest. She is wise beyond her years, takes care of her sister, and fights for what's fair (even if she knows she'll lose). She is almost never concerned with what others think of her, but instead cares about the best, the right thing to do when there is such a thing (which she's usually convinced there is). She is endlessly creative and already a hopeless romantic at the tender age of 4.

Thank you, God, for such sacred treasures. I am so, so blessed.

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