Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Cherry Christmas

This year was by far our most fun Christmas yet as a family. Faith in the magic of Santa and the miracle of Jesus are just now starting to be fully realized by the girls. There was so much wonder and so much joy in our household this season. Especially on Christmas morning. The girls were rustling in their beds that morning, and luckily, Lucas heard them before they stepped out into the living room. Norah was the first to get up, and she was so excited for Christmas that she woke up her sister to join her in peaking out at the Christmas tree. We all headed out together to see what Santa had left. The girls enjoyed tearing the wrapping paper as much as the actual contents of the gift boxes. They yelled out excitedly, "I love Santa" and, "thank you, Santa!" The girls' excitement and gratefulness continues to remind me that this is a season to be thankful - and to remember the most precious gifts God has given us: each other.

The girls really loved watching "the Grinch" this season. These Grinches were stuffed into their stocking on Christmas morning.

Avery wasn't all that excited about her doll house until she unwrapped the little doll family who now call her house their home.

These "monster" slippers were Avery's favorite Christmas gift. She's worn them nearly every day around bed time.

Norah is our little artist. Knowing this, Santa sent her an easel. It didn't take long for her to put it to good use.

Avery, our little chef, helped her Dad make Christmas breakfast. Yummy waffles!

Norah was so, so thrilled with her new big girl bike. She insisted we take it with us to San Diego - and begged to ride it several times a day.

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