Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Kid Christmas

Even though we're all grown up, Lucas and I got some pretty amazing gifts this year. Thank you to all family and friends who gave us such thoughtful, special gifts.

First off, amazingly, my Dad got me a new pro-grade camera. I have to show off the first few photos I've taken with it. I can't wait to take this new found love to the next level. Thanks, Dad!

Also we are going to have an awesome chance for a mini getaway! My Mom got us 2 nights stay at the Hyatt with free babysitting services. (She made sure to let me know that we had to take her up on watching the girls in order for the gift to be valid.) With a new baby on the way, we will be sure to use this gift! We can always use a chance to reconnect as a couple. And, I love being reminded of how amazing my husband is. I'm so blessed to grow our family with him. Thank you, Mom!!!

Lastly, Lucas' parents got us a family dinner game. The gift is so special because when Lucas was a kid, his family would gather at the table each night and play the game (asking a series of questions to one another) as an opportunity to connect. Keith and Angie know how much we want to create that same dynamic for our own family time together. Tonight, we used it for the first time. Some highlights:

Question for Avery: "If you could be any musical instrument, what would you be?"

Avery: A buitar (translation: guitar)

Question for Norah: "If you could create your very own roller coaster, what would it be like?"

Norah: I would make a green peanut ride with a hat and it would go really fast. (This is a based on a roller coaster ride at Disneyland).

Question for Daddy: What's one thing you hope changes in the world by the time you are a grown up?

Daddy: Hunger. There are some children in the world who don't have enough food. (I know, he got a serious one.)

Question for Mommy: "What would a fisherman need to use as bate in order to reel you in?"

Mommy: Ice Cream!

Norah: That's funny, Mommy. I would use fish food.

A tradition continued!

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  1. I loved when we did that at the dinner table!! We still joke about some of our answers from way back when :)