Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery!

My baby girl, Avery, is now 3 years old.

Avery brings pure joy to our family. She bounces everywhere she goes; full of energy. She makes friends quickly, but sneaks off often into her own little world at the playground or into her room.

She is mischievous and she loves sweets. She stole a plate of cookies from our counter, locked herself in her room, and ate the plate clean. She opened the cupboards in grandma's kitchen to hide herself from view as she opened the refrigerator to get goodies. She stuck her finger in her Aunt Erin's wedding cake.

She is a little helper. She loves to help make breakfast, sort the laundry, and wash the dishes. Always looking up with a sweet little face, "Can I see? What's that? Can I do it?"

Yesterday, we spent the day with friends and family for Avery's birthday. Grammy was in town to see Avery on her special day. In the morning, Avery's friends joined us at the park for donuts, fruit, and playtime. In the evening, Grace, Aunt Erin & Uncle James, and Stephanie & Heather came over to shower Avery with presents and love. We made our own pizzas and decorated cupcakes (Avery made the cupcake pictured here.) We celebrated. Avery is 3.


  1. I enjoyed seeing her face light up at the gifts, thank you so much for letting Heather and I share in Avery's joy of turning 3. We are blessed to know you and your family. Thank you <3

  2. Thanks for coming! Avery and Norah look up to you so much and it's fun for them to be so adored by you and Heather.

  3. Awww... wish we could have been there. She looks absolutely precious!

  4. It's an honor, I love those girls :]