Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family of 4

It's finally gotten to that point where I'm counting down the days until our newest baby girl joins our family.It isn't so much that I'm uncomfortable (I am-she's dropped and she's in position.) It's more that I can't wait to meet her.

Our little niece Violet was born yesterday morning and I was filled with all the warm fuzzy feelings that come whenever a new baby enters the world. It made me all the more excited to greet our little one. I am so, so eager to finally meet her, after 9+ months of waiting.

But, today was a rainy day in the suburbs. Usually rainy days mean that we'll be locked inside with two stir crazy preschoolers. And, we did spend most of the day indoors. But, when Lucas and I woke up this morning, the girls were playing peacefully together in their room. With a rare opportunity to lay in bed uninterrupted, we talked about how each of us had a sister enter the world when we were 3. We talked about how we don't remember life without our younger siblings. That's when I think it hit us both.

Our family of 4 is ending. It is an unbelievably exciting and joyous occasion. But, sad, too, to know that Avery and Norah may not remember this very special time we've had as a family before their baby sister arrives.

This morning we made waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. During a brief reprieve from the rain, we took a walk to the grocery store. We had a dance party in our living room. We had lunch and then all settled in for an afternoon nap. When the girls woke up, we painted and then played dolls. We had our now traditional "Make Your Own Pizza Saturday." We piled onto the couch for a movie - and tucked the girls into bed with lullabies and very little fuss.It really was a perfect day.

Leading up to this weekend, I've been growing increasingly impatient waiting for our newest addition. I've decided I'm shifting my focus to enjoying what we have for these final few weeks together. When the baby comes, she will only add to the joy and love of our household. But for now, I'm going to be present, here, with my family of 4.

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