Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cut Off

After just a few days in our new place, Avery cut her own hair.

As if I didn't already have issues with the influences of Disney, NOW it's personal. After watching Rapunzel recently with their grammy, Avery decided that she, too, needed to sport Rapunzel's short 'do.

So, after sneaking away with Norah's art box scissors, AVERY CUT HER HAIR. I looked at her in shock with a crazed expression - in a split second I thought of everything that could possibly be done to recover her beautiful, long, blonde locks.

But, there was no way to recover her hair. I had to decide: do I let her walk around with a trucker mullet or do I take her to have a professional finish the 80's bowl cut she started across the sides of her head?

Clearly distraught, I told Lucas what Avery had done that night as he walked in the door from work. His response? "It'll grow back." And, Norah replied, "I know, Dad. We kept trying to tell her that, but she cried anyway."

The day after she cut her hair, I took her to the park. And, we got the most unbelievable stares. I think people thought I had styled her hair that way on purpose. It was a definite walk of shame. So, I took her that afternoon for a professional cut.

Surprisingly, they cut it into a semi-cute bob. I still miss her long, California girl locks, but Avery is still Avery. She is beautiful, smart, fun, and adventurous no matter her hair cut.

Avery proudly displaying her Rapunzel hair.

Avery after her professional hair cut.


  1. No pictures of the mullet?? :(

  2. I will, I will. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I'll post pictures soon. Maybe even today.

  3. That is hilarious! You know, I did the same thing about a month ago...I'm almost thirty.

  4. she looks adorable! Even in the mullet! hahaha

  5. I'm used to it, now. And, Avery really rocks her new look : )

  6. Amy did that to me when she was 3. I cried as well. Had to have it cut really short to compensate for the chunk she cut out of it.