Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Made It

Well, we made it. We spent a few days in Modesto, and then headed on the road through California, through Oregon, and all the way to beautiful Seattle. Lucas' gracious Aunt Peggy offered to accompany us last minute, and THANK GOD! I expected the drive to be a "letsjustgetthroughthis" experience, but in fact, it was beautiful, calming, and even fun. The girls were so good, I couldn't believe it.

And, then... we arrived. The day the movers' came to unload our things was so, so hard. I was overwhelmed by nursing Harper, checking on the girls (again, thank God for Aunt Peggy) and directing everything as the movers unloaded. Since then - I've been on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. I miss California. I love Seattle. I'm staying home with the girls for the first time. I don't know my way around. We could all use a few friends! (You should see Norah creep up on unsuspecting children at the park. She pounces with such excitement at the sight of another little person, it makes me a little sad.)

But, we're here in Seattle, and as I write this the sun is beaming through my window warming my arm. It is still very, very cold by a Californian girl's standards. In the 40's today, to be exact. We have a lot of learning to do. City driving makes me nervous - yet, I've braved a trip to the grocery store, a daily trip to the park, and even a trip into the heart of downtown. Everything tastes different here - the water tastes purer; the herbs less fresh. A pack of avocado costs $8! We went to a park yesterday that overlooks the harbor and the skyline.

We live right in the bustle of a city street with little, old, brightly colored houses all around. Our garden has a tulip tree, dandelions, tulips, and juniper. Our wooden floor has so many scratches and creeks in it- you can tell generations of families have walked along it. Our kitchen and bathroom are old and faded. Our house is warm with the paint, the finishes, the fixtures of the families before us.

The girls occupy a refinished attic. The top floor stretches across the whole house leaving enough room for a little learning center, a play room, and their bedroom. Our bed is cramped into a small room downstairs that for now we share with Harper until we have her room set up. We are still unpacking. And, I've come to the realization that we will be for probably the next 6 months.

Today, we made homemade play dough, we went to the park, I told the girls stories, we ate lunch and they went down for their naps. Things are starting to set in and settle down. We're getting there and we're here.

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  1. Glad I got to go. It was fun getting to know the girls better. How is Rapunzel?
    Aunt Peggy