Monday, September 26, 2011

Running in the Rain

Today was the first real rain of fall. We California girls got up like it was any other day, got ready like it was any other day, and tried to leave the house like it was any other day.

But it wasn't.

Who knew rainy days mean lights and heaters must be turned on when we wake up, and then turned off before leaving the house? Who knew rainy days mean more layers of clothes and big bulky boots? Who knew rainy days mean slower traffic and different parking rules? Who knew rainy days mean different drop off spots; not outside in the school yard, but inside in the cafeteria? Not long, lingered playtime in the courtyard at preschool- but overcrowded halls up the stairs and to the 3's class. The girls practically squealed, "I'm melting, I'm melting," every time a raindrop hit their face. Rain soaked through my shoes and pants (time for real boots, I guess.) For us California girls, it's all still a novelty and we're still learning to fit in; to adapt.

And so, it was a day of running behind and running to catch up. But in time, I know we'll be sloshing through puddles, making our way, no trouble at all.

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