Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

The girls Christmas eve, just before bed. They were almost too excited to stay still for this shot.The tree after Santa's visit to our house. Avery and Norah woke up extra bright and early, and the first thing Avery said when she saw the presents under the tree was, "Santa knew JUST what I wanted." She was thrilled to see a new big girl bike under the tree.

Ok, this may seem like kind of an odd gift, but Santa got Norah a cash register. The girls LOVE to pretend they are selling things to us. And, sure enough, they've spent the day playing with it. Selling things to anyone who's willing to shop at their "store."
Norah putting on her new roller skates. They are a little anxiety inducing. For us, that is...

Avery outside "riding" her bike. She mainly just kept stopping and honking the extremely loud horn.Harper receiving her first gift from Santa. A baby doll that's soft enough to chew and throw all around without serious injury to self or others. Harper is pictured with her Auntie Katie who is here to visit with us.
Harper enjoying her teething cookies that Grammy sent. Too bad she wasn't old enough for the brunch we made : )

We finished the evening with dinner together as a family. And, then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus complete with a delicious, lit birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

In lieu of a Christmas card this year, I made this short slideshow. It's meant to show how the girls have changed from the beginning of the year to the end. I get a little weepy when I watch it, because they've changed so much. So, be warned...

But, in the end, the message is this: I am feeling deeply grateful for all of our gifts. Especially family. It has been another year of celebrating the wonders of His love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Cherry Family!


  1. What a wonderful slideshow . . . YOU got a little weepy?

  2. Thank you Diana, a lovely show of a beautiful family.