Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love gift giving. I love brightly lit houses. I love Christmas trees. As a Christian, I love the MEANING behind Christmas. I love all the traditions.

One tradition I DON'T want to keep this year: being terrible about updating my blog during this season. So, I'm going to try to be better this year.

Each year at Christmas, I can barely wait until the day after Thanksgiving to buy our tree. Traditionally, Lucas and I buy our tree that weekend so we can have it up as long as possible. Did I mention? I LOVE Christmas.

But, not this year. We didn't buy our tree until today. A full week later than usual. We planned to buy it last weekend, but when it was nice weather last Saturday we did not have our acts together. We planned to go Sunday. But, of course, Sunday it was pouring outside. We STILL haven't learned to plan around the weather. So...we went today to find a tree.

We are SO not above going to the posh little nursery near our house and checking out the luxury trees, luxury decor, and the little reindeer/camel/donkey petting zoo. We did all of those things, and then headed to the seedy lot on the industrial side of town where trees start around $15.

We came home, made and ate dinner (Make Your Own Pizza) and then got to decorating the tree and house for Christmas. We broke a good 5 or so ornaments because for the first time we have hardwood and not carpet floors. So, the floors were a little less forgiving. But Christmas has officially arrived at the Cherry house.

Some highlights from our day:
On the way there, the girls were really into the Christmas spirit!
Norah, Harper, and Avery posed for me in the swanky sleigh at the posh nursery. It will be years before I have a photo where all three of them are looking at and smiling at the camera. Sigh.

At the not so swanky (or as I like to say "JANKY") lot, there was a Santa. Norah wanted to pose with him, so I took a picture of her with Santa. She told me after that she "wasn't so sure he was the real Santa." Avery was not about to go stand next to some weird guy with a beard and I don't blame her. Santa kind of creeps me out, too.

We ended the evening with cookies and cocoa by the fire.


  1. You's really dangerous to have your Christmas tree by your fireplace. Just saying ;) hehe...miss you!

  2. You know, we know that and discussed it for a long time BUT - we rarely have a fire and also I just read in the history book I was reading that people used to actually have candles on their Christmas trees instead of electric lights, so I think we'll be ok!

  3. Whew! Also, I like your new banner. I'm going to try to make one!

  4. Awes. Here's the tutorial I used... Although, it's not hard to figure out on your own unless you're me :)