Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Milestones and Other Moments

Well, Harper had her 9 month check up just the other day. And, she's moving right along.

She's 50th percentile for weight, and 75th percentile for height. Which means she has backed off from her humongo beginnings. But, if there were ever a time to be small, Harper, it was birth. Girl, it was birth!!!!

I have, for the most part, forgiven her, though.

She isn't crawling yet. She just scoots herself everywhere to grab at things she wants. Today, she found a pen. When I took it from her, she struggled with me. I mean, REALLY, intentionally struggled with me to keep it. I finally snatched it from her grasp, and she started to throw a fit. She pulled the pen as far away from me as possible and clenched down to keep it in her little palm. I offered her other toys to distract her, but she just kept batting them away and throwing them to the ground. Each time she looked up at me with a bonafide scowl.

And, then, tonight I got up from the dinner table for a moment and went into the kitchen to grab something before pulling her out of her high chair. She looked right at me, started to cry, and then said clearly, "Mama!" with her arms outstretched. It melted my heart, of course. Most of the time she says long, run on, "Daddas."

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