Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avery is 4!

Dear Avery,

You love purple. You like bedazzled clothes and no fuss shoes.   When you run there is no stopping you.  I have never met a child with whom you cannot get along.   If it can be done, you will do it.  And you will do it on your own. You are the first to wake up in our house each day, far, far more cheery than any of the rest of us could ever muster so early in the morning.  You have endless amounts of energy, and practically everything comes easy to you.

You are, in large part, a mystery to me.  A wonderful, life changing, heart wrenching, joy filled mystery to me.

You fight hard.
You play hard.
You sleep hard.

You forgive fast.  You move on even faster. 
If you have to, you will yell to be heard.
You are full of questions.
You always have an answer, and a solution, and a trick up your little sleeve.
You are a good friend, and an even better sister.
You are you.
Full of personality. Full of energy.  Full of life.

You are four and it breaks my heart - and yet, I am celebrating with you. 

Because you are such a gift. 

And I thank God, every day, that I get to be your mom because that too, is a mystery to me.   A wonderful, life changing, heart wrenching, joy filled mystery.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.

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