Sunday, May 6, 2012


One of the things that makes me a little sad inside whenever I think of my kids, is how many of the moments up until now they won't remember.

Harper, especially, is in a phase of life where she will not remember anything about her daily life.  All the little cuddles we share, and the little (albeit one-sided) conversations we have, will only be things that I remember.  I think of that so often with my older girls, too.  When Norah was Harper's age, Lucas and I had such a fun time taking her all around on little adventures.  When Avery was Harper's age, and it was the four of us- we reveled in watching the girls learn to play  together. Will they remember sharing our tiny little dorm apartment?  Our late night walks in the warm CA air, or the yearly hike we took to the top of the hill by our house to watch the fireworks at night each fourth July before moving here? 

Likely, they won't.

But, in a way that's part of what makes being a parent, especially a mom, so special.  I love how in the Bible -the story of Jesus' life in Luke is punctuated with the phrase,  "and Mary treasured these things, and stored them up in her heart."  Because I feel like there are all these little snap shots through out our daily lives together that only I, as their mom, will remember. Only I am watching.  And, I know it's not a new phenomenon, it's something even the mother of God experienced.

I feel so blessed to be a part of helping them grow and watching them become who they were created to be.  And I will try to remember all I can about it, because it is blessing that only we as parents get to experience. One that only WE get the opportunity to have and remember.

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