Monday, September 17, 2012

His Best

This weekend, Lucas was going to attempt to make pancakes and asked me for my recipe.  I started to list off all the ingredients, and about halfway through- Lucas got impatient and clearly had stopped listening.  He walked away, and started concocting his own breakfast menu.

Avery, however, was sitting next to me, and started to try and memorize each ingredient I recited. The girl wanted pancakes!  She repeated each item back to me for a while, trying to keep track of the list until it became clear that she couldn't remember it all. 

As she repeated back the list, the items and measurements started to become jumbled. Realizing this, she turned to me and with a sigh, she said, "Dad will do his best, Mom." Then she got up, walked out of the room, and started to help her dad with the eggs he was scrambling in the kitchen.

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