Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Sum Lemonabe

In a little downtown shop a few weeks ago, Norah discovered this massive crystal ball that she really, really wanted (God only knows why...but that is beside the point.)  She begged us to get it for her, and I was considering it, until I discovered the price tag was, get this, $500.

After giving it some thought (NOT), we decided that it wasn't in our budget and told Norah that we wouldn't be buying it.

But Norah had her heart set on it, and immediately started brainstorming ways she could earn the money for the ball.  Her first idea was the good old stand by kids' business: the lemonade stand.  And, she's been pretty relentless in begging to set one up each weekend outside of our house.  This weekend, we finally helped her set one up.  I have to admit, it feels a little awkward for me to watch her charge our neighbors money for a cup of something I'd obviously offer to them for free. But,  this year the theme in her classroom for math is: Everyday Mathematics.  What could be a better way to learn about money and numbers than her very own little business?  Plus, we do want to support her in reaching her goals, even if her goal in this case is to buy a massive, over-priced crystal ball. 

Looking very grown up and professional.

She set everything up on her own, and with my extensive lemonade making background (I once worked at Hot Dog on a Stick), I helped her make the lemonade.  She designed and made this sign herself.  One of her customers asked me (completely serious) if I had made the sign for her.  Yes, yes, I (a thirty year old woman) wrote a sign that says, "Get Sum Lemonabe."  And then got my highlighter to draw some lemonade mugs at the bottom of the sign before taping my sign up with blue painter's tape, kind sir.

One little boy, after finishing his first cup asked for a second cup.  Norah told him, "you better ask your dad for another dollar." It totally cracked me up. She means business, that one. Sigh.  I love that girl.


  1. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! How close is she to the $500 after her first weekend??