Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avery is Five

Avery means "ruler" and Claire (her middle name) means "bright."  If you know Avery, then you know, there couldn't be a more fitting description of our little firecracker of a daughter.

Today, Avery is five.

She was a firefighter for Halloween.  She asked for a tool set for Christmas.  We got her a kit to make metal airplanes for her birthday.  Safety goggles, screwdriver, and hammer included.  

She loves it.

She and her dad have already built a helicopter that she has nicknamed, "Heli."

She is so, so full of life that sometimes my head hurts just trying to keep up with her.  She twirls, jumps, screams,  and shouts (both hands on your face as she animatedly tells you what she wants you to know.)  She is constantly asking questions. Sometimes, I really can't answer her because she is just so curious, so interesting, so...smart.  And, well, I already don't have all the answers (it has come so much sooner than I thought it would.)

 If you go for a walk with Avery, be prepared, she will direct your steps.  She knows where she's going- and she has no intention of getting lost just because you don't know your way around.  And I, frequently, well...don't

She is quirky, confident, quick-witted, fast-paced and everything I never knew I always wanted in a daughter.  I am so, so proud that she is mine.  I am in awe of her (because she is so unlike me, so miraculously different than me) but I love her fiercely just the way she is.

Happy, happy birthday Avery.   We love you so very much!

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