Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming Back From the Fall Off the Face of the Earth

Well, I'm gradually trying to make my way back from falling off the face of the earth, but it's hard, people.

We've come up with all kinds of things to make life easier that I'm not going to bore you with.  Ok, I AM going to bore you with, because I am just too proud of myself.  We've enacted a bedtime for Grant (which he kind of doesn't really regard but  I WILL WIN), we've been making meals ahead of time, and we use every spare second we have trying to get ahead (which is, with four kids six and under, impossible.)

We're exhausted, but we're happy.

And, there's just no one I'd rather share it with than my amazing husband.  He is just. so.  Well, just soooooo...

Staying up late with Grant so I can get some rest, making breakfast early for the girls so I can go to gym, dealing with "emo" Diana (it's the hormones) with patience and love, coming home early when I am sick, heading out to the store when I routinely forget just one ingredient and so much more.  He. is. the. best. 

Grant already agrees. 

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  1. You're not boring us at all! What are some practical ways you get ahead and how on earth do you still have time for one another and yourself with four? Oh, Diana, please share!